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Quality is the cutting edge of our business. It is our staff that carry it to satisfaction, that is the reason we advance a solid conviction among our staff that each request, each activity and each segment is a guarantee to quality. Our attention to detail and tireless quest for flawlessness has demonstrated to be successful for many advanced and diverse enterprises. We invest heavily in our quality and are appreciative to our staff that consistently unites all of us.

Quality Policy

Eckhoff's is dedicated to providing defect free products and services that comply to all parts of our client necessities. This is cultivated through persistent improvement of our Quality Management System to guarantee its viability and proceeding with suitability, as well as through the monitoring of measurable quality objectives.

Certified to ISO 9001:2015

Eckhoff's Custom Machining goes above and beyond ISO quality standards and strives to achieve the highest quality possible for each and every customer. Our customers always receive high quality products and on-time delivery.


Inspection Equipment

OD Micrometers up to 24 inch
Calipers up to 36 inch 
Thread Ring gages 
Thread plug gages 
Pin gages 
Ring gages 
Dial bore gages
Surface roughness tester 
Granite surface plates 
Bench centers 
Scherr Tumico Comparator
Keyence Model# IM-6225


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